General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is assigned the following tasks:

* Managing the university staff careers in accordance with the attributions conferred to the faculty and institute in this regard;

* Preparing the university draft budget and supervising its implementation;

* Monitoring the funding of laboratory activities and research units;

* Ensuring the proper running of the university Common Services;

* Developing and promoting the university programs pertaining to cultural and sport activities;

* Monitoring and coordinating the university internal safety plans, in coordination with the Ministry’s Office for Internal Safety;

* Managing and keeping the Rectorate archives and documentation;

* Ensuring the proper running and management of the University Office Order.

The General Secretariat, to which the General Office Order and the Internal Safety Office are attached, consists of the following sub-directorates:

1. Sub-directorate of Staff and Training

2. Sub-directorate of Finance and Accounting

3. Sub-directorate of Resources and Maintenance

4.Sub-directorate of Scientific, Cultural and Sports Activities