Library Presentation

Library Presentation

The Library of the Faculty of of letters and languages,  collects the informations and develops, organizes  and  retrieves them  by  various ways in the shortest possible time,  and presents them to students through of traditional and modern services. This is opperation is supported by qualified personnel, scientifically, technically  and specialists in  library science and information.

Titles total number : 63108

Total number of research papers : 6736

Opening hours

Sunday – Thursday : from 8am to 4pm.

Internal regulations

The internal regulations of the faculty library is set to organize the relationship between the library and its users. It is a set of tools and arrangements implemented to receive people in a clear framework defining the licit and the illicit.

To register

-  A copy of the university attendance certificate.

-   Two photos.

-   Work certificate for workers.

Loan conditions

Users categories      items           Loan period          items            Loan research papers and theses   
 Teachers 04 14 days 1 07 days
 graduat Students     04

14 days

1 07 days
 Students  02 14 days 1 07 days

Index of books :

catalog Book - excel - xlsx
catalog research papers and theses xlsx



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