The study day entitled Experimentation in the Algerian literary text

The study day
Entitled Experimentation in the Algerian literary text on: May 7th, 2019

      Contemporary Algerian creative writing is no longer in the mainstream, it has experienced the irony of the frozen model, it has subjected the dominant creative values ​​to constant responsibility and confusion in order to create new values ​​consistent with the spirit of the time, in the perspective of modernity and responding to the taste of the recipient. Adventure and excitement of excess and freedom.

     Although experimentation is an extension of creativity and its essence, its emergence in the Arab monetary theory in general and in particular in Algeria goes back to the last decades of the last century and raises many problems in its theoretical aspects: the concept and the term, its practical and constructive aspects, the artistic elements, themes and themes through which the creative writing contemporary Algeria itself, through which it expressed its interaction with memory, ideology and deception.

Based on the obsession of experimentation and its problems, this scientific demonstration aims to shed light on the following axes:

1 Experimentation: concept and problematic term.
2. Experiment in the contemporary Algerian novel.
3.Experimentation of contemporary Algerian poetry.
4.Experience in the Algerian theater.

Conditions of participation:

Applicants are required to adhere to the following rules:

1 - Intervention in one of the axes of the school day.
2 - The intervention is characterized by novelty and has not been published or presented in other events.
3 - adhere to recognized scientific disciplines.
4- The summary of the intervention does not exceed 500 words, including the problem of research and basic research.
5 - The size of the intervention must not be less than 10 pages, not exceeding 15 pages, including the list of margins and references.
6 - Send a copy of the curriculum vitae.

Important dates:
Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 01/02/2019.
Date of acceptance of the abstracts: 05/02/2019.
Deadline for receipt of interventions: 08/02/2019.

Important notes:
- All participants are subject to scientific arbitration.
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