Seventh Forum: in literature and methodology

Seventh Forum: in literature and methodology Algerian literature between obsession with reading and teaching methods Day: 05-06 / 11/2019 Preamble: In order to consolidate the national identity in the younger generations, and in recognition of the spirit of nationalism and the desire to activate the role of the educational and university institution in the development of the national spirit and the love of self-discovery, this scientific demonstration came in response to a scientific ambition that sheds light on Algerian literature, , While his Oriental counterpart paid attention, and the capacity of study, and to encourage the new batch of doctoral students to experience the research and the presentation of their perceptions and enrichment.

This scientific event takes its legitimacy by answering two important questions: The first concerns the importance of reading, ie, the effectiveness of the procedures used in dealing with the Algerian texts (in their different genres), which take into account the investment of Western monetary achievements, and the extent of their heritage. The second relates to the openness of the educational and university lesson on different Algerian texts, and the attempt to employ its moral, social and cultural values ​​to serve the national project. This event falls under the following themes: 1 / - Algerian Literature and Problematic Approach (Reading in Applied Texts) 2 / - old Algerian literature and the question of modernity. 3 / - Algerian literary text in the textbook (reality and hope). 4 / - Algerian literary text in the university lesson. Terms of participation: Applicants are required to observe the following regulations: 1- The intervention in one of the forum's axes. 2 - The intervention is characterized by novelty, and has not been published or presented in other events. 3 - to adhere to the scientific disciplines recognized. 4. Summary of the intervention does not exceed the form page 5 - The size of the intervention should not be less than 10 pages, not exceeding 15 pages, including the list of margins and references. 6- CV. Registration rights: 5000 JD for professors, 2000 for students. 8. Download the participation form Important Dates: Deadline for receipt of summaries: 10/06/2019. Date of acceptance of abstracts: 20/06/2019. Deadline for receipt of interventions: 15/9/2019. Important Notes: - All entrants are subject to scientific arbitration. Contact and correspondence E-mail:

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