study day

Maghrebian Stylistic Research Reading of Theoretical and Practical Exploits.

Date: 26 February 2020

The importance of the subject of this study day lies in the attempt to investigate the nature of the reality of Maghrebian stylistic research despite cultural diversity and current trends (Acculturation and translation) through meaningful and constructive readings of the stylistic feat including its two theoretical and practical postulates.

This study day is an opportunity to answer several questions that haunt the minds of our students who have chosen this area to study the literary discourse and satisfy the aspirations of the serious student to know the reality of the stylistics and its practices in various modern and contemporary Maghrebian works.

The objective is to remove any ambiguity related to the judgment criteria on the purpose of this science and its applications in terms of its perspectives and objectives.

To diagnose the reality of Maghrebian stylistic discipline in various Algerian academic research.

We aim through this study day to show the impact of translational disorder and conceptual interference on the performance of research and reading of stylistics, to describe the positive effect of the Arab-Western dialogue under conscious acculturation and specialized translation, to demonstrate the limits of the adaptation of the literary text, and finally to take into consideration its genres, especially the roman genre, which has not been sufficiently studied from a stylistic point of view in comparison with poetry .