The Reality of the Arabic Language in Social Media Networks and Its Impact on Linguistic Security and Identity

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December 16, 2019

The Reality of the Arabic Language in Social Media Networks and Its Impact on Linguistic Security and Identity

The quick look at the techniques of language communication in social medial networks reveals a
terrible linguistic diversity which combines variable linguistic limits. Users today present a completely
new language in which they transgress the linguistic pattern and make linguistic prohibitions an outlet
for creativity and exclusivity. Social media language becomes then a language within the language. 

This new language has multiple linguistic parties that go beyond the original language to a second and
a third. It penetrates the linguistic horizon to make the number a letter; besides the abuse of overlap
between the different linguistic elements, such as the combination of slang, Arabic, French or even
English. This language intervenes also in the linguistic economy by interposing the letter with the
number to practice a linguistic function as well as the taking of the vernacular and the dialects often
mixed with its associates… 
This data is a call for researchers interested in the issues of the Arabic language to discuss its ways of
using in various social media networks and to describe their expressive aspects in order to expose the
pros and cons affecting the process of learning, as well as disturbance on the establishment of linguistic
security and stability of identity. 

The study day Aims:
To dissect the reality of the Arabic language in social media as well as to describe the causes and
mechanisms of treatment.
To denounce the phenomenon of linguistic innovation and its effect on the vibration of the linguistic
To identify the implications of this reality on the path of individual and collective identity.
To propose techniques in order to enhance the use of the Arabic language in social media.
1-  The reality of Arabic language in social media and its repercussions on linguistic security and 
2-  Types of linguistic practices in social media and their reality between the positive and negative
features (providing models)
3-  The social media and the development linguistics. 
4-  The Arabic language in social medea and the question of identity.